PDIP - Plastic Dual-in-Line Package              


The Plastic Dual In-line Package, or PDIP, is one of the most mature plastic IC packages still in use today.  It is rectangular in shape and has leads extending from both sides along its length, thus forming two sets of in-line pins.


The PDIP comes in two body widths, i.e., 300 mils and 600 mils.  Lead counts range from 8 to 64. The PDIP is a through-hole package, which means that its leads protrude to the other side of the circuit board once mounted.  The PDIP is robust and resistant to moisture, but it is also much bulkier than its modern successors. A 'shrink' version of the PDIP exists and is known as the SPDIP.


Table 1. Properties of Some Examples of PDIP's

Lead Count





Max. Height


6.52 mm

9.53 mm

3.24 mm

2.54 mm

4.19 mm


6.61 mm

22.86 mm

3.94 mm

2.54 mm

4.95 mm


6.61 mm

29.91 mm

3.94 mm

2.54 mm

5.33 mm


13.53 mm

37.4 mm

7.75 mm

2.54 mm

8.89 mm


13.71 mm

31.75 mm

4.57 mm

2.54 mm

5.08 mm


13.525 mm

37.4 mm

4.07 mm

2.54 mm

6.35 mm


Figure 1.  Examples of PDIP packages (not shown to scale with each other)


Figure 2.  Examples of a standard PDIP socket (left) and a zero-insertion force (ZIF) PDIP socket (right)


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