The Ceramic Dual In-line Package, or CerDIP is one of the most mature IC packages still in use today.  It is a rectangular ceramic package that has leads extending from both of its longer sides, thus forming two sets of in-line pins.


Figure 1.  Example of a CerDIP


The CerDIP is a hermetically sealed package that keeps out moisture and contaminants once it is sealed. The CerDIP package is composed of an upper part called the cap, and a lower part called the base.  The base has a cavity where the microchip is mounted.  The base is covered by the cap and then sealed with molten seal glass.  The seal glass provides a good hermetic seal once it has cooled down and solidified, which is why hermetic packages such as the CerDIP are used in military grade devices.


CerDIP lead counts range from 8 to 40.  CerDIP's typically come in two body widths:  the narrow body which is typically slightly less than 300 mils wide and the wide body which is typically slightly less than 600 mils wide.  The lead pitch of a cerdip package is typically 100 mils.


Table 1. Properties of Some Examples of CerDIP's

Lead Count




275 mils

390 mils


275 mils

760 mils


288 mils

760 mils


288 mils

950 mils


577 mils

1450 mils


577 mils

2050 mils


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