TO-72 Package


The TO-72 is a type of 'metal can' (also known as 'metal header') package  for semiconductor devices. It is sealed hermetically to protect the device from environmental factors such as moisture and contaminants.  The TO-72 is commonly used in housing transistors.


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The TO-72 is made primarily of metal, with the microchip mounted on the die pad of its metal header and then sealed with a metal cap by high-current welding. The TO-72 is similar to the TO-52 but it is slightly bigger than the latter because of its taller cap. 


Most TO-72 packages come with three or four terminals, since the TO-72 is commonly used for discrete devices with three terminals (such as bipolar and single-gate field effect transistors) or four terminals (such as dual-gate field effect transistors).


Table 1. Properties of a Typical 4-lead TO-72 Package







Min. Lead




5.55 mm

4.73 mm

4.83 mm

12.7 mm

2.54 mm


Figure 1.  Example of a TO-72 Package


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