TO-226 Package


The TO-226 is a small type of plastic-molded "transistor outline" package commonly used for housing discrete devices such as transistors and thyristors as well as IC's with low lead counts such as voltage regulators.


The TO-226 has a flat front face that is marked with the device name or number, while its back is semi-circular in shape (see Fig. 1).  Since it is most often used in transistor packaging, the TO-226 usually has three leads, all of which protrude from the bottom of the package.  The typical lead pitch (distance between leads) of the TO-226 is 1.27 mm or 0.5 inch.


The TO-226 is structurally similar to the TO-92, but it is bigger than the latter because of its longer body.


Table 1. Properties of a Typical 3-Lead TO-226

Plastic Body Size

(H x W)

Body Thickness






Lead Length

7.62 mm x 4.58 mm

3.56 mm

0.43 mm

0.39 mm

12.7 mm


Figure 1.  Graphical Representation of a TO-226 Package


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