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We've collated the most informative threads in our Quality/Failure Analysis/Reliability Forum, included our comments about each thread, and put them all on this page for easy perusal by our visitors.  


Board-Level Drop Test-Induced Wedge Bond Heel Fracture Failures

Distinguishing ESD from EOS Failures

Die Attach Reliability Testing

Destructive Effects of IR Reflow

PCT Corrosion Failures

Decapsulation Dilemma - Melting Copper Wires

Equivalence of Rel Test Life to Actual Operating Life

Temperature Cycle Versus Thermal Shock

Accelerating Mobile Ion Migration: THB Versus HAST

Failure Analysis of Ball Shear Test Failures

Analyzing Open Pins Caused by a Wirebonding Problem

Reliability Assessment for a Cratering Issue

Failure Analysis Dilemma on a Single BGA Sample

Dendritic Growth After Autoclave Testing

Is HTS Redundant with the 85C/85%RH Soak Test?

Storage of Precon Samples Prior to Rel Testing

Analyzing High Temp Reverse Bias (HTRB) Burn-in Failures

Ultrasonic Cleaning Prior to Reliability Stressing

Computation of % Electrical Shift/Drift After Rel Testing

EDX Analysis Dead Time and Input Rate

Internal Void Monitoring using X-ray Radiography

TQM and Six Sigma

Process Flow for Subcontractor Qualification

Identifying Counterfeit IC's





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