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Due to a wide variety of IC packages used in the semiconductor industry, there also exist a large variety of manufacturing processes for IC packaging.  Semiconductor companies do their best to standardize their processes to make their operations more efficient and less costly.  Unfortunately, making an assembly process for a particular package efficient may sometimes mean having to come up with a process that's different from those of other packages. The continuous struggle between the regular emergence of new and different packages versus the standardization of packaging processes has always posed a challenge to semiconductor manufacturing engineers.  The archived forum thread below reflects this complex nature of semiconductor production operations.


Posted by Mike_Balbuena: Fri Jun 23, 2006 10:48 pm    Post subject: TSOP singulation Process


In the assembly side at singulation process does the singulation equipment dispense units in tube? Or this is already an automated equipment that incorporates singulation-final test and Tape and Reel. I'm just confused since the standard dictates units to be in tray or reel. Is there a pick and place and moves units to the cavity trays instead of operator manually loading the units in the tray? Please help and clarify.

Mike B.

Posted by Jefriz: Thu Jul 06, 2006 7:33 am    Post subject:



Singulated TSOP units usually uses trays. Final test handlers are mostly not incorporated or in-line with singulation equipment. Can you tell what standard you are referring? Singulation machines using trays are equipped with pick & place and usually incorporated with Form. Some singulation machines are incorporated with laser marker and mark (also lead) scanner. Its pick & place mechanism is capable of sorting detected defects.

Let me know what is not clear.

Best regards, Jefriz

Posted by Mike_Balbuena: Thu Jul 06, 2006 8:48 am    Post subject: TSOP Singulation


Hi Jefriz,

I was referring to Jedec.

So do you mean most of the equipment has a pick and place and can load it in tray a lot easier. Does other equipment has tape and reel as well? Is it inconvenient to request from manufacturers that units be in tray or tape and reel?  I'm trying to determine if most of the industries has tape and reel incorporated in their system. If not I will just have our supplier shipped to us on tray. Does other companies still used the traditional way of loading on tubes during singulation?

Mike B.

Posted by Jefriz: Fri Jul 07, 2006 10:40 am    Post subject:


Hello Mike,

For tray base singulation, all have pick & place while tube base have the rail guide pusher (or similar mechanism). The general concept is that manual intervention is very limited. Your output is already in tray or tube. Tape and reel can be done but I think you would not select this since you still going to do electrical testing. Selecting tray or tube would depend on some factors, like what is your final test handler set-up (tray or tube). And also cost of units on tray or tube. If you are still going to buy a test handler or if you are capable for both tray & tube, I think tube base is more cheaper, more easier to handle and handler mechanisms are very much simple although some package related defects occur during the gravity feeding movement of the units. If your TSOP have a thick body size, tube is still suitable but for thinner body (around 1 mm), tray base is much advisable. Convenience to the manufacturer would depend on their capability. If they can deliver on both tray and tube, you will just consider your handler capability.

Tape and reel (T&R) units packing are usually done when the next step is already SMT since pick and place machines much prefer it. Most companies are adding the capability of T&R because of more customer demand. Let us face it, cost is a big factor and T&R is one of the most (or the most) cheapest IC packing.

Some companies are still using tubes after singulation because their test handler needs the units to be in tubes.

Regarding the JEDEC standard you mention, sorry if I have not encountered such JEDEC standard that dictates what specific packing method to use (can you give the JESD/EIA number). In my opinion, JEDEC (industry) Standard only recommends what to use. Which means that most companies use these for several reasons like convenience and cost effective but it would still depend on each individual company’s capability and/or direction. I don’t recommend that you generally stick with the industry standards (like JEDEC) but only use them as guide, if this suites your need then use it but if it does not, then you might need to have an ”out of the box” approach.

Best Regards, Jefriz

Posted by Mike_Balbuena: Fri Jul 07, 2006 8:08 pm    Post subject: Thanks


Hi Jefriz,

Thanks for the good answer....back in the days I used to work in OSEP and I was one of the set-up engineers in the Phil. You should be familiar with that company since your in Taiwan.

Thanks so much but I'll keep in touch.

More power to EESemi!!!!

Mike B.


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